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Here's what our clients are saying...

All Hands In
"The word that sums up what I have received from my first 4 coaching sessions with Edwina Shankle is HOPE. I didn't ponder, or wonder, or daydream or have much expectations beyond the end of my day regarding what kind of an impact I could have on my own future until now. I have been the provider, the fixer, and the caretaker for everyone, except for myself. I am starting to see the glimmer of light on the possibilities of what I can do with my God-given talents and acquired skills. As I look towards retirement, I now realize that it is not the end, but only the beginning and I have the power and the courage to make casual thoughts and dreams a reality. Thank you, Edwina, for your sensitivity, a great listening ear and a discernment to see what I did not see and for showing me how to see for myself. I thank God for orchestrating our path crossing and can continue on my life's journey with excitement and joy. I can now embrace HOPE!"

Janice Thompson-Grant

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